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Analytical Laboratory Testing Services

Analytical laboratories offer a variety of services depending on the industries they serve. Testing helps identify the root cause of the problem early on so that it can be resolved before it gets out of hand. Fisher Engineering Limited is an environmental consulting firm that has been serving Markham and the Greater Toronto Area for over 30 years now. No matter the scope or location, our expert technicians are equipped to complete any given project. We provide environmental site assessments, site remediation, indoor air quality check and other services.



Here are a few types of analytical laboratory testing services that can be of use to you:

1. Soil analysis

This includes agricultural testing, which consists of soil, water, plant and manure analysis. People in the agricultural sector, such as crop input dealers, farmers and research organizations, are provided with quality results in time. The test results can be used to augment the production of crops, increase sales and reduce the negative effects on the environment. Soil analysis includes checking one or multiple depths, texture, organic matter, pH and particle size.

2. Water analysis

It includes waste water, ground water, drinking water analysis and aquatic toxicity testing for site remediation and other kinds of projects. Water is checked for inorganic compounds, which provides reliable data for the benefit of your project.

3. Indoor air quality pollutants

They are are present in any enclosed space and they are caused due to poor ventilation, scanty levels of humidity and water leakage, which can lead to mould growth. An air test will help determine the issues so that they can be addressed on time. This can be done for both residential and commercial establishments.

4. TCLP Waste analysis

Canada has stringent rules when it comes to water, solid, soil and liquid waste. You will require reliable data to meet the requirements in order to proceed with your investment opportunities. Get waste testing that is compliant with Canadian requirements.

5. PCB Testing

Also known as polychlorinated biphenyl, PCB can be categorized as a chlorinated hydrocarbon. The method implemented to determine the levels of PCB is through oil and soil samples.

Contact Fisher Engineering Limited  for analytical laboratory testing services in Toronto and and GTA today!


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