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Our Primary Services are Environmental and Geotechnical Engineering plus Laboratory Analysis.
Give us a call for questions regarding these or specialty needs not included below.

 Environmental Engineering (alphabetical)   

*Typical Timing Guide 


 Asbestos or Mould Surveys and Analysis5 Days (or Rush) 
 Asbestos Management and MonitoringAnnual Contract 
 Building Condition Assessments (BCA)15 Days 
 Chemical Contaminant Treatment (Metals, VOCs, PHC, PAH...)Longitudinal (Remediation) 
 Designated Substance Surveys (DSS)5 Days (or Rush) 
 Environmental Site Assessments (ESA Phase I)15 Days 
 Environmental Site Assessments (ESA Phase II)5 – 8 Weeks 
 Geotechnical Inspections (with Lab Analysis)Project Contract 
 Geotechnical Investigations (with Lab Analysis)4 – 6 Weeks 
 Hazardous Materials Management (Hazmat)5 Days (or Rush) 
 Hydrogeological InvestigationsProject Contract 
 Indoor Air Quality Investigations (AQI)5 Days (or Rush) 
 Materials Recycling in Asphalt (Remediation)as per Estimate 
 PCB Chemical Destruction (Remediation)as per Estimate 
 Record of Site Condition (RSC)3 Months 
 Risk AssessmentsLongitudinal Study 
 Soil and Groundwater REMEDIATION (ESA Phase III)3 Weeks – 2 Years 
 Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal or Management

1 Week (Remediation) 



 CALA-Certified Laboratory



 Full-Range Environmental Analysis

4 Hours – 7 Days 

 Includes: 100+ Substances: Air, Groundwater & Soil/Sediment
 Designated Substances, Mould, and Asbestos
 Specialists in PCBs


 Laboratory Submission Forms 

Required for Sample Drop-off / Delivery 

 Standard Laboratory Submission Form - Chain of Custody
 Asbestos Laboratory Submission Form - Chain of Custody



 Specialty Services



 Educational Workshops

Upon Request 

 Special Requests: llicit Drug Facility, Investigations,Research 

Upon Request 


* Our typical timing may vary based on site-specific conditions and is therefore a planning guide only. The timing depicted is based on
business days unless the service is an emergency or rush response. It begins from your committed sign-up with us to project completion.
In some Geotechnical projects, timing may be from quote to completion.








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