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Our Primary Services are Environmental and Geotechnical Engineering plus Laboratory Analysis.
Give us a call for questions regarding these or specialty needs not included below.

 Environmental Engineering (alphabetical)   

*Typical Timing Guide 


 Asbestos or Mould Surveys and Analysis 5 Days (or Rush) 
 Asbestos Management and Monitoring Annual Contract 
 Building Condition Assessments (BCA) 15 Days 
 Chemical Contaminant Treatment (Metals, VOCs, PHC, PAH...) Longitudinal (Remediation) 
 Designated Substance Surveys (DSS) 5 Days (or Rush) 
 Environmental Site Assessments (ESA Phase I) 15 Days 
 Environmental Site Assessments (ESA Phase II) 5 – 8 Weeks 
 Geotechnical Inspections (with Lab Analysis) Project Contract 
 Geotechnical Investigations (with Lab Analysis) 4 – 6 Weeks 
 Hazardous Materials Management (Hazmat) 5 Days (or Rush) 
 Hydrogeological Investigations Project Contract 
 Indoor Air Quality Investigations (AQI) 5 Days (or Rush) 
 Materials Recycling in Asphalt (Remediation) as per Estimate 
 PCB Chemical Destruction (Remediation) as per Estimate 
 Record of Site Condition (RSC) 3 Months 
 Risk Assessments Longitudinal Study 
 Soil and Groundwater REMEDIATION (ESA Phase III) 3 Weeks – 2 Years 
 Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal or Management

1 Week (Remediation) 



 CALA-Certified Laboratory



 Full-Range Environmental Analysis

4 Hours – 7 Days 

 Includes: 100+ Substances: Air, Groundwater & Soil/Sediment
 Designated Substances, Mould, and Asbestos
 Specialists in PCBs


 Laboratory Submission Forms 

Required for Sample Drop-off / Delivery 

 Standard Laboratory Submission Form - Chain of Custody
 Asbestos Laboratory Submission Form - Chain of Custody



 Specialty Services



 Educational Workshops

Upon Request 

 Special Requests: llicit Drug Facility, Investigations,Research 

Upon Request 


* Our typical timing may vary based on site-specific conditions and is therefore a planning guide only. The timing depicted is based on
business days unless the service is an emergency or rush response. It begins from your committed sign-up with us to project completion.
In some Geotechnical projects, timing may be from quote to completion.








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