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   geotechnical Engineering in  toronto & tHe gTA


Geotechnical engineering in toronto & gta

Fisher Engineering Limited can assist all sectors, large and small, with site evaluation, project plan preparations, and specifications for site development projects.

This assistance is in the form of recommending a feasible foundation system (or systems), pavements, slopes, retaining structures and more.


When choosing our geotechnical engineering services, our team brings the necessary design parameters, evaluates reuse of on-site materials, and recommends appropriate earthwork methodologies through:

  • Pre-construction Investigations
  • Construction Inspections

If you require geotechnical engineering in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, please speak to our team.


Know What You’re Up Against

Geotechnical Engineering and Hydrogeology are just two of the many specialties that we are able to offer our clients. Fisher Engineering Limited strongly feels that by offering Geotechnical and Hydrogeological services together with Environmental Engineering under one roof, we help you:

1. Cut unnecessary duplication of services.

2. Help you gain the best “whole system” perspective for your project.




What Is Geotechnical Engineering?

Geotechnical engineering is an applied science that focuses on the foundations of construction projects and the factors that affect them. These factors include soil composition, slope stability, and groundwater conditions. Geotechnical engineering services are employed throughout all phases of a construction project to ensure the safety of structures as well as the safety of the people who live in and use these structures.

With our geotechnical engineering services in Toronto and the GTA region, you can optimize your operations and business operations.

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What Is Geotechnical Engineering?

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Why Geotech Should Be Your New Mantra


Geotechnical Engineering & Construction


When it comes to construction projects, the geotechnical engineer is tasked with analyzing and constructing the foundation of a building. To do that, the expert gathers and analyzes soil samples to determine the soil type. The site’s topography is also studied to ensure that the structure will stand against natural forces like flooding, erosion, or seismic events.

If you'd like to learn more about how our geotechnical engineering services can serve your construction project in Toronto and the GTA region, please get in touch.

Why Do You Need Geotechnical?


Contractors need to be aware of relevant regulatory and mandate changes before and during construction. These include:

  • Site Assessments
  • Detailed Investigation Analysis
  • On-Site Inspections

Working with Fisher Engineering Limited ensures you are up-to-date.


Banks are interested in Geotechnical reports if financing is required. 

Such reports are often in conjunction with environmental assessments (ESAs).

Working with Fisher Engineering Limited, saves time and costs with all the required reports requested by financial institutions.


Developers who own or are prospecting property can combine their future geotechnical engineering and hydrogeology needs with their environmental assessment activities.

Working with Fisher Engineering Limited, saves time and costs with simultaneous deep drilling and pre-construction analysis.


Who Needs Geotechnical?





Individual Planners (PM’s)

City and Municipalities


Hydrogeology involves the evaluation of a property’s site watershed and water resources, including services related to the identification, evaluation, remediation and protection of ground and surface water.

Hydrogeological studies must be prepared by a Qualified Person (QP). A QP is a licensed Professional Geoscientist or qualified Professional Engineer as set out in the Professional Geoscientists Act of Ontario.

Hydrogeological studies are be conducted in support of:

1. Preliminary Screening (Baseline/Desktop Study)

2. Planning Applications

3. Well Design, Installation, Sampling and Abandonment

4. Permit to Take Water Applications

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An Overview of Hydrogeological Studies



Rock, Soil, Material tests such as: soil proctor density, sieve gradation, concrete compressive strength and hydrometer tests.

Typically needed pre-building to evaluate penetration with drilling.

Fast 5 - 10 day in-house turn-around.

Note some tests require extra time for analysis.

What Do We Analyse?


Fisher Geotechnical Laboratory partners with independent professionals and the general public across the province to help analyze geotechnical samples and/or provide support with sample collection. If you require support with the investigation, identification, or collection of samples, please contact us directly.

Our geotechnical services are divided into three categories:


Soil and Aggregates: Soil Classification, Gradation, Proctor and Plasticity

Soil Tests are typically about soil classification and include sieve analysis, hydrometer, plasticity (Atterberg)and specific gravity tests. The result is used to predict the mechanical and chemical behaviour of the soil sample. The test of the percentage of organic content in the soil is also available for organic soil samples.

Aggregate tests include sieve analysis, proctor test, and percentage of crushed, asphalt coated and flat and elongated particles. In reports, results are compared with OPSS regulations of sample material. The Proctor test result is the reference number for backfill and engineering fill tests on site.


Concrete, Mortar and Grout: Slump and Air Content, Compressive Strength

Concerns with fresh concrete include uniformity, workability and consolidation. For fresh concrete, tests typically include slump, air content and temperature for fresh concrete. Once the concrete is self-consolidated, the slump test is changed to the slump flow test.

Quality concrete needs a proper mix of materials and environmental and workmanship conditions. Tests play a certain role in ensuring that materials used in a structure meet the requirement of the specification. The compressive strength test is the most important test for hardened concrete, mortar and grout samples.


Asphalt: Hot mix Full Marshall, Extraction and Gradation

Quality asphalt mixtures need a proper combination of material and workmanship. No amount of proper workmanship can compensate for poor material quality. Tests play an important role in determining if the materials meet the project specification. A Full Marshall test for hot mix asphalt includes extraction, gradation, asphalt cement content, bulk relative density, maximum relative density and Marshall flow test.

If you would like more information on timing, fast-tracking, and emergencies or have questions about our collection of your samples or how to submit your own samples, please give us a call!

If you are submitting your own samples, you will need to fill out our Chain of Custody.



We are certified by CCIL (Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories) for Aggregate and Basic Concrete Certification.

Why Choose Us?

Over the years, Fisher Engineering Limited has provided clients with dependable geotechnical engineering services in Toronto and throughout Ontario. There are many reasons to choose us, including:

  • Over 30 years of experience in the field
  • Comprehensive services
  • Adherence to the highest standards of quality
  • Safety guaranteed
  • Personalized solutions
  • Excellent client experience

If you require geotechnical engineering services in Toronto and the GTA region, please get in touch with our team.







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