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Our Story  

Fisher Lab History

The Early Years

In 1990, a young fiftyish David Fisher converted his extensive experience as a chemical engineer into an environmental engineering start-up company. That new company eventually evolved into today’s dynamic, full-service engineering corporation known as Fisher Environmental, and now Fisher Engineering, technically boasting 60 years of experience in the industry.

David spent the first part of his engineering career as an environmental trouble shooter for Shell Canada. One of his specialties included dealing with environmental PCB’s. He traveled the world as a consultant offering cost-effective and sustainable solutions. His pragmatic nature combined with a strong background in the fields of chemistry, construction, and finance helped him rise quickly in the ranks of Shell Canada.


In the Fall of 1990, David decided to take his “can-do” attitude and founded a company of his own. From modest beginnings with just himself and shortly after with his son, Sean Fisher, he was able to grow and expand his company into today’s multifaceted engineering firm, employing over sixty-five dedicated employees.

David Fisher at Canadian Oil
Downtown Toronto Lab

Above: David working for Shell Canada

Left: The lab extends in downtown Toronto.

Below: Mobile Laboratory allowing for immediate on-site screening and analysis.

side view of a truck

The Fisher Lab

The Inception of Fisher Environmental

Historically, the Fisher Laboratory was the first service provided by Fisher Environmental. Therefore, chemical analysis could archetypally be thought of as “the mother” of this company. The research and consulting required for the very first project at the start-up in the 1990’s was dependent on accurate results. 

With his Shell experience, David obtained his first contract with Toronto Hydro to analyze PCB samples. As a consultant, he needed a lab to do his work. 

As projects grew, he created a portable laboratory that would allow for immediate and mobile analysis across the province. Given the nature of contaminants, the speed of results has always been critical to David’s work. Accuracy and fast turnaround is not just marketing jargon. It is at the root of Fisher’s ideals – a healthier environment and happy people that can move their visions forward.

Fisher Changes

As Fisher expanded its scope of work, the laboratory became an in-house support to its expanding services, such as Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), which went into high gear during the latter part of the 90’s.  In the early 2000’s, Fisher continued to offer more services to its clients: A Hazardous Materials division and Geotechnical Engineering division joined the already well-established Environmental Engineering and Fisher Laboratory.


Over the years, the Fisher Laboratory has continued to keep pace with the ever expanding services offered by Fisher. By reputation, accreditations (CALA), location and referral, the lab drew in its own clientele for chemical analysis, more typically government agencies, contractors, and homeowners with varying requests for testing. Over the last decade, Fisher Labs became an independent service, enjoying its own business goals, while continuing to collaborate with the Fisher Engineering teams.


Accuracy and fast turnaround
is not just marketing jargon.
It is at the root of Fisher’s ideals.

man in the office

Above: Sean Fisher in the early days bringing new technologies

and ideas to the company.

Fisher Is About Family

Fisher Engineering is a true family company. David’s son, Sean Fisher, joined the company in 1993.  Sean brings a rich background in commerce and science. Sean was so committed to Fisher, that when he first began with his father, he didn’t even take a true salary. He was adamant to support the company in every way, so that it could succeed during its humble roots.

Sean’s interest, hard-working, and customer-centric nature has helped the company provide a stable and caring work environment for all its employees. He also initiated the Hazmat section to Fisher’s services.

Fisher’s Can-Do Perspective

David’s and Sean’s “can-do” attitude has helped clients achieve their goals. Thousands of satisfied clients have been helped by the Fishers. Starting from a tight nucleus of 5 team members, the company has grown to over 65 staff members. The company employs a diverse collection of professionals who offer consulting and technical solutions for a wide range of environmental, hazmat, geotechnical, and hydrogeological projects.  

When Phase 2 and 3 Environmental Site Assessments became a part of Fishers desires to serve, David and Sean found it difficult to source drilling rigs for their client’s needs within the time frames they required. Problems, however, are meant to be solved! They decided to purchase a drilling rig for their internal projects. Soon one rig expanded to a fleet and so another division of the company evolved.

Fisher’s Engineering Umbrella

Fisher Engineering through its internal team, home-grown affiliations, and external partnering can truly provide a one-stop shop for its clients. 

Very few engineering companies in North America can offer such comprehensive support. Fisher’s founder, David, takes pride with this stance. Expansion is all about making it easier for his clients. And for him, no job has ever been too small or too large. It’s simply about adapting to the challenges. Corporate success depends on helping his clients achieve their dreams in a creative and practical manner.

Fisher is About People

Both David and Sean strongly believe that a company’s greatest strength is its employees. If you ask David what is important about the company, he’ll often say: “I want to provide employment and give people an opportunity to succeed in life.”

Many of the over sixty-five employees working with Fisher Engineering today have been with the company for over ten years. The family concept and associated loyally prevails within the Fisher team. Everyone washes each other’s hands, but also tries to have some fun along the way. Because of this atmosphere, it is automatically extended to our clients, which is why Fisher is personal by nature. It’s part of the company culture.

There is no doubt expertise and experience are a large requirement for a company like Fisher to offer comprehensive and trusted environmental engineering solutions. However, one very important thing that makes Fisher unique in this industry is this personal approach offered to our clients.

Although we have senior and junior members, there is a strong mentorship and collaborative approach. Fisher doesn’t have hierarchical levels to get in the way we serve. We help each other and sometimes we squabble. This is why our clients can relate to us – we offer them the opportunity to be real with us, and then do our best to help them with those personal needs. That’s why, we answer the phone - we actually want to talk to you! We also come to visit you in person, whether you are an old client or someone new who may be interested in our help.

view of a project site
man working with a machine

From top to bottom: Winter PCB collection, David in his project mobile PCB Lab, Socklet extraction equipment, underground radar testing.

Left: Sean in the field.

Below: fisher’s first rig.


We LIve OUr

We understand
how to solve
problems and
above all,
we understand


Fisher never forgets that this industry is about people creating dreams, visions and safe environments through properties, building and developing, and/or solving problems in our natural and human environments that support where we live. Fisher has always been there to discuss and help with both personal and professional visions and solutions. We listen. We team with you. We solve the challenges.

happy men drinking
old man with food on round table

Fisher is Truly Canadian

David came to Canada at a young age. His formative years involved much travel and by design helped him learn a number of languages and experience many cultures. Much of his early success was due to his ability to relate to many people with varying backgrounds.

Expertise and doing a reliable job is paramount, but it was also through the relationships where the trust and life-long connections occurred.

David Fisher believes in people and the strength that diversity brings. Our company can humbly boast our ability to efficiently communicate in 18 distinct languages! 

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