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Maintaining a better and cleaner environment is crucial for us and our future generations.

Fisher Engineering Limited's team delivers comprehensive environmental engineering services in Toronto and Ontario. We aim to ensure that environmental potential is utilized and risks are avoided or reduced cost-effectively. With years of training and experience in the field, our team can address your project's environmental and geotechnical requirements. 

If you are looking for a reliable environmental engineering firm in Toronto, connect with us.



What Is Environmental Engineering?

Environmental engineering is a multidisciplinary field that seeks to address current and future environmental problems through the development and implementation of technology. It aims to improve the environment through the protection of human health and safety and the health of our ecosystems.

The field faces many different challenges today. One of them is soil contamination. Mining, agricultural expansion, industrialization, and unsustainable environmental practices of the past have all left behind a legacy of pollution. Older generations didn't consider the impact of their actions on the environment. As a result, the soil is not as healthy and rich as it once was. The food grown in it is not as nutrient-dense, the plants are not as resistant to disease, and the crops are not able to grow as large.  


The effects of contaminated land on the environment are varied, but often severe. For example, some of the chemicals that are released can travel via water sources, ending up in local waterways such as rivers, streams and lakes. When this happens, the chemicals can eventually be consumed by wildlife and contaminate plants and crops that are grown in the area. Millions of acres are known to be contaminated by both active and abandoned industrial facilities.


Achieving a sustainable environment is an ongoing process. The field of environmental engineering is both a growing and evolving field as it’s constantly adapting to the changes that are taking place in the world around us. It applies scientific, technical and technological concepts to the design, development, and management of systems that reduce environmental and ecological impact.



Fisher Engineering Limited is a full-service licenced contractor specializing in services ranging from environmental assessment to site remediation, Designated Substance Surveys, and other environmental engineering services. You can also learn more about environmental site assessments and geotechnical investigation through our blog.


Some of the services we offer:

  • Environmental Site Investigations: Research and documentation on the site's history, including:

    • Phase 1 ESA: Initial assessment to determine potential contamination, informing further investigation needs.

    • Phase 2 ESA: Follows Phase 1, focuses on subsurface testing if contamination likelihood detected, aiming to establish contamination extent.

    • Phase 3 ESA: Involves remediation and cleanup if contamination exceeds regulations found in Phase 2 assessment.

  • Geotechnical Engineering: Assessing soil quality for construction foundations, considering factors like stability, load-bearing capacity, and settlement.

  • Laboratory Analysis: Gathering soil, water, and gas samples for thorough analysis, involving well construction observation to inform engineering decisions.

  • Livable Environments: Ensuring habitable spaces by evaluating air quality, assessing methane gas levels, and identifying potential hazards like asbestos through careful analysis.

  • Remediation/Cleanup: Formulating detailed plans for addressing contamination or environmental issues, implementing actions to mitigate risks and restore the environment. Developing effective remediation strategies, executing cleanup operations, and closely monitoring progress to achieve environmentally sound outcomes.


Fast access to the full-range of all our environmental engineering services through our Quick Glance page. Call us and discuss your project's requirements with us.


To accomplish our goal, we collaborate with builders, property owners, homeowners and facility managers. Fast access is grouped by specific needs, interests, or specialties.

  • Buying/Selling: Enhance property transactions with comprehensive evaluations and guidance for optimal outcomes.

  • Building/Developing: Leverage our expertise for effective project realization, with dedicated support and streamlined processes.

  • Remediation/Cleanup: Offer specialized remediation plans, minimize disruption, and meet time frames while staying within budget.

  • Renovating/Living/Managing: Solve hazardous material challenges promptly with scientific knowledge and rapid response.

  • Meeting Diversity: Prioritize personalized service and clear communication to meet diverse needs.

  • Resources The Fisher Files: Delve into Fisher Files for insights, addressing common issues, staying updated on regulations, and understanding our approach.

Buying Selling
Building Developing
Remediation Cleanup
Meeting Diversity

Located in Markham, Ontario, we are a trusted and certified full-service environmental and geotechnical engineering firm celebrating over 30 years. Read Our Story. We have dealt with challenging sites from local to international locations. Our staff reflects the rich Canadian multicultural mosaic with diverse cultural experiences to help our clients feel comfortable and secure in the support they receive. 

We have strong affiliations and partners for earthworks, drilling and other specialized material analysis or related industry services. Fisher Engineering Limited is here to help you solve your challenges. Join our team for the personal approach!


With over 30 years of experience, Fisher Engineering Limited has served clients with dependable environmental engineering in Toronto, ON. The reasons that separate us from the competition are listed below:


  • We have experience in dealing with challenging sites from local to international locations. When you choose us for geotechnical engineering services, our team brings the necessary design parameters, evaluates on-site materials, and recommends appropriate earthwork methodologies.

  • Our environmental engineering services are tailored to our client's specific requirements to address the ground condition uncertainties.

  • Our team considers complicated environmental regulations and provides you with strategic solutions

If you require geotechnical engineering services in Toronto and the GTA region, please get in touch with our team.



We understand how to solve problems
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we understand people.

Toronto Area: 905-475-7755 or TOLL-FREE: 1-877-868-6431


Whether you need solid foundations or building renovation, our environmental engineering team covers you.


Creating Livable Environments

We inspect hazardous chemicals and check air quality to ensure on-site safety.







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