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Poor indoor quality in Canadian homes and businesses is a contributor to many health risks. It is consistently ranked as a leading environmental concern regarding public health. The presence of radon, carbon monoxide, dust mites, and mould indoors can cause adverse health issues.


In this article, we will look at the various contaminants found indoors and why air quality service in Toronto is essential to better health and wellness. 


What You Don't See Can Hurt You

Outdoor air pollution is usually easy to see. Smog, smoke, and dust are clear indicators of poor outdoor air quality. Indoor air pollution is often more difficult to detect.

Radon and carbon monoxide, for example, are invisible gases that can collect inside your home or business. High concentrations of these gases can result in serious illness. A recent study confirmed indoor air pollution could be even more harmful than outdoor air pollution.


What Is in the Indoor Air?

Many indoor air pollutants affect indoor air quality in Ontario. The most common pollutants are lead, mould, insects and pests, carbon monoxide, pet dander, mould, and second-hand smoke. Some chemical cleaners can also contribute to poor indoor air quality. 

Even if you clean your home regularly, you can't always remove the pollution in your indoor air. Proper detection, filtering, and treatment are necessary to ensure healthy indoor air.


What Are the Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Some of the health effects of indoor air pollutants are headaches, dizziness, and irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. More serious effects include increased or more severe asthma conditions. If left untreated, poor indoor air quality can lead to heart disease or respiratory conditions.

Indoor air pollutants are often invisible. You might not know your health is worsening until it is too late. Improving the air quality in your home or business is essential to the quality of life and better health.


Finding the Right Air Quality Service in Toronto and GTA

Fisher Engineering Limited provides a complete answer to contaminated indoor air. We provide indoor air quality testing for your home or business and determine if there are harmful elements in your air. We also offer a full-service approach to improving the quality of your indoor air.

With regular testing and proper filtering techniques, you can breathe cleaner, fresher, and healthier air in your Ontario home or business. 


Fresher Air Equals Better Wellness

Indoor air pollution can be more harmful than outdoor air because the contaminants are more concentrated in a small space. Regular testing of your home or business can help you identify potential hazards. Working with a professional air quality service in Toronto and the GTA provides the peace of mind you need to ensure clean, breathable air in your home or business.

If you are concerned about the condition of your indoor air, contact us to schedule a consultation and home air quality test.